Hamburger Hungaria Ltd.
Hamburger Hungaria
Facts and figures about Hamburger Hungaria
- Recycling 95% of the waste paper collected in hungary
- 1800 tons daily paper production
- 80% export sales
- "Investors of the Year 2008" Award for the investment of 280 million EUR
- One of the largest facilities in Europe
- The latest technologies in productions, environmental protection and safety
Key figures of Prinzhorn Group in Hungary
Number of production facilities in Hungary:5
Employees via subcontractors:7-8000
Directly employed:1100
Investments in production facilities since 1990: 600 million EUR
Annual usage of domestic recources:360 million EUR
Export:200 million EUR/year
Winner of "Ökoindustria 2013" environmental award
Hamburger Hungaria Ltd. is a leading corrugated base paper manufacturer in Europe. The company began its fully recycled containerboard production in Hungary in 2009 as one of the successors to Dunapack Packaging Ltd.
Dunapack Ltd. shut down its containerboard production lines at the Csepel facility at the end of May 2009 and the Austrian parent company invested nearly 200 million Euros to start a high-capacity, modern paper machine instead in the summer of 2009 under the aegis of Hamburger Hungaria. The new paper machine is located right next to the existing paper machine in Dunaújváros and produces 100% recovered paper based corrugated case material. The two paper machines use about 700 000 tonnes of waste paper a year; consequently, it can be regarded as the most significant unit of environmental protection in Hungary. Owing to the investment, Hamburger Hungaria Ltd. was given the “Investor of the year” award in 2008.
The two paper machines located in Dunaújváros produce annually about 650 000 tonnes of brown containerboard, which accounts for 85% of all paper grades produced in Hungary. The special feature of the new paper machine commissioned in 2009 is lightweight containerboard paper ensuring a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective packiging solution without any functional compromise.
The majority of Hamburger Hungaria products is exported primarily to the Central, Eastern and Southern European markets.
The waste paper based production prevents the Hungarian society of transporting recovered paper to waste disposal sites or waste incinerating furnaces; on the contrary, the company produces a higher added-value product by recycling.
Hamburger Hungaria Ltd. is a member of the Austrian family-owned Prinzhorn Holding. An important milestone in the production and product portfolio development strategy of Prinzhorn Group was to establish Hamburger Hungaria Ltd., with the main goal to continue the corrugated base paper-making activity of Dunapack Packaging Ltd. within the same Company Group.
Prinzhorn Group is dedicated to ensure a complete and effective waste paper recovery from waste collection, through paper making by using the recovered paper collected, to producing paper-based packaging materials. Presently, Hamburger Hungaria procures the majority of its recovered paper directly from domestic collectors with Duparec Ltd. (waste collector company founded by Prinzhorn Group in 1994) being prominent.
As some of the corrugated base paper produced by Hamburger Hungaria is sold to Dunapack Ltd. (Csepeli Papírgyár, founded in 1923, Dunaújvárosi Papírgyár, founded in 1958 and Nyíregyházi Papírgyár, founded in 1970.), as a result of its activity, Prinzhorn Group creates the following environmentally and energy-friendly cycle:



Papírgyári út 42-46.
H-2400 Dunaújváros
Mailing address: H-2401 Dunaújváros, PO BOX 552

Tel: +36 (25) 55-7700
Fax: +36 (25) 55-7777
Hamburger Hungaria Ltd.
Papírgyári út 42-46.
H-2400 Dunaújváros

Trade Register Nr.: 07-09-017523
Commercial Court at Court of county Fejér
VAT no.: HU13611545
Hamburger Hungaria forms part of
Hamburger Containerboard Division,
a member of Prinzhorn Group

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